The purpose of the program was to improve overall laboratory performance in the areas of quality, productivity and analyst engagement. Targets were specific to individual sites, dependent on complexity and level of lean maturity. A further aim of the program was to improve communication with and visibility to global functions of operational performance.

Solutions Deployed

  • Unique levelling, flow & standard work solutions designed in each lab, including the development of testing cells combining urgent and queueable work
  • Visual management boards that support daily work assignments, tracking of sample status and weekly metric overview.
  • 5S
  • Method Improvement¬†
  • Gemba

BSM - House of Lean


  • Productivity increases of 10-30% across the lab network
  • Establishment of risk-based tool for method improvement
  • High visibility into daily and weekly testing requirements
  • Increased analyst engagement and ownership

Client Environment

Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Global multi-site Quality Control Lab Excellence Program