Lean QA

Real Lean in Quality Assurance (QA) shifts the focus of improvement initiatives from individual wastes or activities to the creation of flow through the full QA process. We create robust, fast processes supported by visual management that consistently meet target release dates in the most productive way possible.

Real Lean uses 'leveling' techniques to address short interval workload volatility and generates flow by creating ‘defined work sequences’ that move items quickly through all required activities and reviews. QA activities are then combined into balanced, productive, repeatable roles that use people’s time well.

This approach generates significant productivity improvements and improves lead times, RFT and compliance.

Real Lean in QA - key manufacturing site processes

  • Batch Disposition Process (Release)
  • Deviations / Manufacturing Investigations / CAPA
  • Change Control
  • Other QA Workstreams:
    • Auditing
    • Complaints Processing
    • Annual Product Review

Solutions are always based on the 'Real Lean' building blocks of

  • Levelling
  • Flow
  • Standard Work
  • Visual Management

The results are typically as follows

  • Speed: Leadtime reduced by 30% to 70%
  • Productivity improved by 20% to 50%
  • Improved Compliance via increased ‘Order’
  • Improved Right-First-Time