HER (Human Error Reduction) & HEP (Human Error Prevention) Moving beyond “Name, Blame and (re)Train”

BSM believe that the vast majority of people come to work intending to do a good job and that it is possible to significantly and sustainably reduce human errors. This starts with a deeper understanding of how and why humans make errors.

BSM has a practical and highly effective methodology for Human Error reduction in Lab and processing environments (covering both errors in documentation and testing or task execution) This typically includes:

  • Establishing and training both an Internal HER / HEP “Project” team and (later) an Internal HER / HEP “Process” team

    • BSM will support the project team in an initial transformation project to design and implement HER / HEP processes, address culture change and design and implement improved Error Defences
    • The “Process team” will manage the ongoing HER/HEP process after the initial transformation project and will continue as long as the process itself exists.
  • HER & HPM (Human Performance Model) Awareness Training for stakeholders
  • Detailed analysis of recent historical Deviations, Investigations & CAPA’s inc. Human Error categorization (e.g. Learning Gap, Memory Gap, Understanding GAP, Skills Gap, Errors of Omission, Application Errors)
  • Creating an effective Error Reduction Culture
  • Inclusion of Potential Human Errors in Method / Task Training
  • Analysis of error pre-cursers and development of countermeasures 
  • Design of effective error defences. These are likely to include (but are not limited to) redesigned documentation, redesigned and simplified user centred SOP’s, checklists and PPM’s (Picture Process Maps)
  • Design of the ongoing HER / HEP processes and training of the Process Team
  • Integrating HER into Lab/Process visual management and Short Interval control processes

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