Multi Product and Multi Presentation


The primary objective of this project was to significantly improve batch release lead-times and consistency. Ancillary objectives included the optimization and right sizing of the QC organization structure and rationalization of Lab shift patterns.

Solutions Deployed

  • Design and Implementation of Levelling, Flow and Standard Work solutions for each significant lab work stream
  • Implementation of effective Short Interval Control and Performance Management processes
  • Design and implementation of a digital visual management solution
  • QC Organization re-design and implementation

Multi Product and Multi Presentation - BSM


  • 46%Reduction in average lead-times
  • Increase in the % of batches released on-time from 37% to 91%
  • Absorbed an 11% increase in batch volumes with zero increase in Lab resources  

Client Environment

Multi Product Tablets, Sprays and Gels


Single site project in Northern Europe